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Hello !

I’m Chloe, a French wedding photographer since 2016. A new professional turn I took after crossing several countries in Asia, Oceania and Latin America for almost one year with my husband and partner in crime for 15 years (oh god! Time goes so fast) + my camera. Everything began there and I found my own path shooting people and weddings. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, sometimes provoked, often unexpected.

This passion for photography has been part of my daily life for a long time simply because there’s no other may to keep memories alive. I’ve always in mind that quote from Martine Franck « a photograph is a fragment of time that will never come back ». So obvious, right? I want to keep tracks of the greatest moments of my life, those I’ve already embraced or about to come, just to immerge myself once more in emotional memories and to share it with close family & friends.

If you are thinking about having me for your wedding (thank for that I will be touched) you need to know all of this because that’s exactly the meaning of my work. The only thing that matters to me is that my images speak about you and embrace who you truly are, I want them to be alive and spontaneous. I just witness what’s happening around you through all my sensitivity, with a modern, artistic and authentic look I try to express through my unique vision of your day. 

So if you are sharing these same values, please write me a word at or use my contact form. And in the meantime, you will find me on Instagram ?

I look forward to hearing from you soon!