For years, I mostly used my camera to document my travels, my everyday life, and other big moments, pursuing one goal :  keep tracks of them.
Replacing words with images is the most exciting challenge I’ve ever found, and pictures have this magical power that allows you to live once more through moments, feelings…


Feeling + Meeting
I travel a lot and meeting new people, new ways of living or thinking, such as discovering new places from different perspectives, are part of things I love the most in life. Life is too short to lose your time in a job that doesn’t fit you. That’s exactly the reason why I chose to start a new professional life after a long travel with my husband and became a wedding photographer few years ago. I’m a kind of epicurian. I laught a lot in my everyday life and try to keep the smile in all circumstances.
The connection between us means a lot to me as if we decide to work together I’m gonna be around you all day long from the getting ready time to the party! So believe me we need to feel confortable together. It’s the only way to capture you as you are.
Confidence + Trust
I will be 200% with you guys trying to do my best to photograph this special day. I love this quote from Martine Franck who reminds us that « A photograph is a fragment of time that will not come back ».
That’s exactly why you need to let it go and trust me and my work. I’ll take care of the rest. So have a look at my work, ask me any questions you want to know and let’s work together, we will do great.
I know It could be a big deal for some people to be in front of the camera, I know this feeling not only because it’s my job but also because I was petrified when I did my first engagement shoot with a wedding photographer friend. The main thing is to find the one you want to work with and give to the right person your trust. This is all. Absolutely positive about that.
Creative + Emotional
It’s always hard to put the right words on your work as we never stop exploring new things to get close to our own professional goals and expectations to give you the best pictures. But if I would have to give you two words, they would definitively be creative and emotional. They are the keywords I have in my mind each time I’m wearing my camera as a guideline obsessing me everyday. I’m not pretending to have already achieved this ultimate goal but I’m on my own way to. I’m still looking for new angles and new perspectives in wedding photography and try to go beyond the huge amount of codes in this industry, keeping my eyes opened.
And as I said above, pictures have this magical power that allows you to live once more through moments, feelings so I want you to be able to laugh, be touched, and feel again how great it was to see your families and friends gathered around you to celebrate this big day, many years later, simply by looking at your photoreport.
That’s the documentary approach of my work and what photography means for me finding the balance between art and emotion.